Curvy Carnival Nation's Essential Tips to Planning and Attending Carnival

Updated: Jan 29

1. Plan Early! - Early means EARLIER than you normally would. Have your budget set and in tact, and start putting away money ASAP! The trick to carnivals is to have money on hand. "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE". If your money is correct, than you can most likely put a down payment on your housing/hotel situation, your costume and/or your party tickets.

2. Delegate Responsibilities - First of all organize your team. Everyone on your team might not be as organized as you but that doesn't mean you can slack off and not delegate responsibilities. There are some people in your crew if not all of them that can help with or manage something. Delegate a person to gather housing/hotel information, another to research transportation options, another to be on top or fete (party) tickets. This way it is not all left up to you to do or one person.

NO TIME TO PLAN? Hire a concierge service --- I recommend Carnival Crashers, they have great prices and top notch service, if they do not have the carnival you want to go to contact them and they will build a package that fits your team's needs

Last but not least CHOOSE YOUR CREW WISELY!

3. Get Carnival Allies - Now this has to be a well thought out strategic chess move especially if you are carnival newbie. Carnival veterans are not just going to help out all willy nilly like that. But utilize social media to get tips and/or ask those who are Carnival veterans questions that will help you execute your carnival plans.

4. Research - Research is key and very helpful. Check out party prices the year prior, flight prices and routes, the country you are travelling to currency and conversion rates, research the mas bands you are interested in being a part of. Get in the know of the who, the what and then when. Follow them and be active and diligent on social media. Find out when the mas bands launch, so you know when yo get your money ready to register, and to get first dibs on the costume you may want to purchase.

5. Know your financial limits (stay inna' your lane) - Be mindful that carnival is not for the broke. Costumes are expensive and some parties are expensive too. Remember you are going on an action packed vacation. Make sure you have money to cover all your essential needs (housing, transportation, food). Now account your money for costume (ranges from $200 to $1000 and more!), party tickets, drinks at the party etc. Be mindful of your budget know your limitations, don't try to live a frontline life on a backline budget.

6. Save UP! - This maybe easier said than done for some but try to put away money every two weeks or monthly every time you get paid. This helps lift the burden of owing a large lump sum in a short period of time.

7. Exercise... Exercise...Exercise - Ladies and Gents please understand that carnival is a giant street party that is constantly on the move. Carnival routes can range from a simple 2 miles stretch to a whopping 12 miles stretch. Remember this is an all day thing, you start at one point in the morning and for most carnivals you end by crossing the stage hours and miles later. You are going to need to manage your stamina and your energy. Working out will definitely help build your stamina and energy especially if you are going to play in jouvert and mas.

To find out more about exercise regiments, carnival boot camps / exercise classes contact us at

8. Must Love Soca! - Soca and Carnival is like Macaroni & Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Ackee & Saltfish, Water to a Whale... you get my drift. You will most likely not hear any other genre but soca. Do not I repeat do not expect to hear rap/hip-hop or plenty of Dancehall during your carnival trip. Carnival is soca driven and heavy so get familiar. The more songs you know the more fun you may have. Check out some of DJ Supreme's Soca mixes & more to keep you up to date Supreme Mixes

9. Choose youre mas bands and fetes wisely - There will be a plethora of events and mas bands to choose from. Choose them well and be mindful of your schedule and time at your destination. Back to back partying means less time for you to sleep and rest. Purchase all your necessities for mas before hand.

Check out our checklist and contact us to find out where to get the checklist items.

10. No Bacchanal! No Mixieness ok! aka No Drama! - Carnival is a time of fun and celebration of life, so please be open minded. Leave your hang-ups and stress back at home. For your carnival vacation it is a time for you to have fun with your friends and family, meet new people, eat new food, gain new lifetime experiences, maybe even have a fling, who knows (I am not saying cheat on your significant other but if you're single .. hey! I'm just saying). Carnival is 1000% JUDGE FREE ZONE. Wotlessness for some is the name of the game. You are gonna see some of the wildest things on the road, whining on people man and people woman is common. Gyrating and damn near close to sexual acts may happen. You are gonna see people getting lift up, legs and other body parts but places not common to the everyday dance position. So just relax and enjoy the carnival.

Most of us that come to Carnival are very decent and polite people. If there is a person you may not want to dance with or want a particular person dancing on you... - Carnival Etiquette 101 - if you don't want to jam with a certain person just say no thank you & move away upwards or to the side of said person. This will usually suffice in most situations

Any other tips let us know in the comments! Blessings!

Provided By: Curvy Carnival Nation

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