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This price does not include the feathered back pack.*






Unlimited Drinks

Mobile Bathroom

Cool Down Bus

Goodie Box (towel, t-shirt, sip bottlem snacks, face gems, thigh packs)

Midline (body wear only) - JAB JAB

  • Please note that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore once a down payment is made, under no circumstances - your payment is non-refundable. At best a credit can be applied to your account to be used in a future date. Additionally, there will be:

    • NO exchange or switching of sections.

    • NO changing of measurements or sizes.

    • NO Costume Transfers

    • NO Returns accepted

    • All sales are final 

    • NO Refunds

  • All costumes must be picked up by May 17, 2024 5:00pm EST from our pick up location that will be announced closer to date of Carnival. 

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